Thursday, 4 December 2014

#CrimingWhileWhite: White people confess crimes on Twitter to highlight police racial bias

Social media campaign comes after months of racial tension in the US

White people have taken to Twitter to expose US police prejudice, confessing they got away with crimes that African Americans would probably not.

Posting using the hashtag #WhitePeopleCriming, some people are confessing to serious crimes such as grand theft auto, others smaller driving violations, and some recounting times when black friends were disproportionately scrutinised or punished.

This social media campaign comes following three high-profile incidents of police violence against black men — Eric Garner who was killed by a chokehold by New York City police officer in July,Michael Brown who was shot 6 times by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri in August, and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed in Cleveland late last month.

Garner was caught illegally selling cigarettes, 18-year-old Brown had robbed $50 cigarellos from a shop, and Rice had been playing with a pellet gun — all crimes (or, in Rice's case, not a crime) that white people would not likely be killed over, the Twittersphere is arguing.

This campaign stands in contrast to the findings from a Pew Research poll in which twice as many black Americans than white Americans think the Michael Brown shooting says something about larger racial issues in American.
70 per cent of black respondents said police do not treat people of different races the same, whereas the majority of white respondents say police are "good" about race.
Here are some of the best #WhitePeopleCriming:

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