Thursday, 14 May 2015

Using Twitter's Quote Feature for Better Engagement

Twitter just added a feature that we Twitterholics have been dreaming of! No, its not the Twelfie Stick, though I'm sure lots of people actually wanted that one, it's better.
Twitter commenting improved
In the past responding to a tweet was a bit of a hassle. You'd either reply to the tweet knowing that anyone coming across that tweet later would see it entirely out of context, or you'd add a comment to a retweet and edit the heck out of the original tweet to get it all to fit. No more!
Now when you hit the retweet icon you'll see a new field with the option to add a comment to the original tweet, then simply click the tweet button and the message will be shared with your followers as a tweet.
Followers will see both the original tweet and your comment together, making it much easier for them to add their own two cents. Nice huh?Improved twitter quotesJust like retweets you can delete your quote. Just find the more button on your tweet and you'll see an option to delete. Easy peasy.
Why should you care? 
This will allow a much richer conversation to happen on Twitter, and it holds the context of your message which will definitely lead to more discussion. And for those who simply hit retweet and forget about it, you'll be prompted by the new field to maybe say something and add value to the conversation. It will be worth it, I promise.


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