Monday, 7 September 2015

10 Tips For Repurposing Your Old Content

We all have a myriad of blogs on our sites that are no longer utilised and tend to just sit there gathering dust.
Aside from receiving the odd view or comment, older content often tends to get overlooked – partially because it’s out dated and also partially because Google tends to prefer newer indexed material.
However, this doesn’t mean it should go to waste and there are numerous ways that you can repurpose old content and give it a new lease of life, allowing you to get more from it. You’ve done most of the research already – so update, change the format and reap the rewards – here is how to do so.

Old Material Refreshed

The archives of your blog content contains a plethora of information that can easily be reused. That content has already been tested and you know what has done well for you, so it gives you good idea of what you can reuse successfully.
Instead of reusing the same article, give it new life by adding some tidbits of new information or adding some small details that it was missing before. This will not only give you a basic template to use to write some content, but it also gives you content that you know has worked very well in the past.
Think about college textbooks. The basic structure of the book doesn't change from year to year, but new information is simply added to the already useful content. This provides companies with a quick turnaround and the ability to charge a little more for the textbook.

Transform Blog Posts into SlideShare Presentations

Taking those blog posts and transforming them into SlideShare presentations will open the door to increased traffic and some new leads. Since SlideShare has such a growing community, you will expose yourself to new viewers and potential customers. The key to great Slideshare posts is a mix of great, well-chosen imagery and well presented, informative content.
Remember, when saving your infographics to a SlideShare, it must be saved in a one-page PDF format before you upload it. SlideShare will then automatically detect it as an infographic and list it in the infographic directory.

Create Tutorials Out Of Webinars

After hosting a successful webinar, you can take the information shared on the webinar and transform it into a tutorial. Since many people won't be able to make it to the webinar, you will have missed a ton of potential leads.
Use YouTube to repost the webinar. This will provide an evergreen form of content provision that is available for anyone and everyone to see. The expanded audience can drive even more traffic to your site quickly.

Start a Newsletter

Sending out a newsletter to your clients can help introduce them to content that they may be interested in. When using outside articles for the content of the newsletter, be sure to give credit where credit is due and site your sources.

Turn Old Blog Posts into LinkedIn Publishing Posts

LinkedIn publishing has proven to be quite effective for many companies. Taking your evergreen content from your blog and posting it to LinkedIn publishing will make your content more visible and allow you to summarize and highlight the most important and interesting parts of the post. Then, you can link the post back to your blog and draw in the new traffic.

Take Advantage of Quora Q&A

Many content writers gain a lot of inspiration from Quora Q&A. This site provides questions that real users have and the answers they seek within a wide range of categories.
To use Quora to your benefit, find a question that has several upvotes. This shows that the answer is high in demand and that many users are interested in learning more about it. Create a blog post answering that question, answer the question on Quora and provide a link that directs the readers to your blog post. Here are some great tips fromBuffer.
This will draw in new traffic and increase your standings within the community.

Create a Case Study

You know what your viewers have liked in the past. Take the information that they have enjoyed and turn it into a case study. Include some stats, research results and solutions that can help your clients find the answers that they are looking for.

Write Top Ten Lists

Lists do very well on the Internet. Take some excerpts from your most successful posts and create top ten lists out of them. You can then include links back to the original blog post and draw traffic to your site. Check out this great guide on how to do so from Search Engine Watch.

Snippets Of Old Posts

Some of the most attractive content isn't lengthy articles - rather it is snippets of those quality articles. Post snippets with links back to the original post to draw in traffic.
Old content can become new content without a lot of effort and these ten ideas will help you do so easily, allowing you to get more value from your content.
Cormac Reynolds is an advocate of smarter and more engaging content marketing – when he’s not creating his next great piece for MyOnlineMarketer, or working on a new campaign for a client, he can be found making beer or listening to great music. 


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